Friday, March 4, 2011

The man in a yellow shirt, with fish on it.

I walked in feeling preemptively guilty for getting one mint tea and plugging in my laptop. But since the guilt wasn't strong enough to combat my seemingly constant desire to recreate what I felt working at Crazy Mocha, I sat down. Of course to complete the Crazy Mocha experience, I'd have to find myself an unintentionally cruel boy, who could walk into the cafe at any moment, and capable of shattering my heart 3 times.  

Before I sat down...

"Are you looking for where to plug in, hon? That extension cord on the floor over there and that table in the corner are the only two spots",  a man in a yellow shirt with fish on it said. 
Oh man, I am sorry...I know you guys don't like it when... Oh! Is he actually showing me the only two spots where my laptop won't go hungry?

Some time later...

"Do you need more hot water for your tea?" OK wait, is he really encouraging me to not pay for another tea, but rather stick around, with my laptop and keep drinking the same cup of tea?

He is amazing, this man in a yellow shirt with fish on it. He floats between tables, effortlessly taking people's orders, asking how their babies are doing, how their new homes are treating them, refilling their cups and as always in my case, breaking my heart. He doesn't know about my lack of resilience to people for whom being human comes naturally. Good thing he wasn't wearing a cap and gown or holding a puppy. 

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